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2017 Cutting Edge New Features: Print order tickets to multiple locations. Handle multiple orders at the same time. Notify your suppliers when you are low on inventory to restock and much more!

Access your POS!

Restaurant    Coffee Shop    Clothing Store    Golf Course    Bakery    Groceries    Service Industries    & Many More!  

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Tiger Data utilizes the TeamViewer app to swiftly provide support, training and setup!

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No matter what the issue is, Tiger Data is there to help with phone, email, skype and chat support.

We love what we do

So, if you have a suggestion we would LOVE to hear it. Tiger Data works hard to meet the highest in quality and demands!

TigerTouch™ Version 3.0+ is here!

We are light years ahead of our competition providing full free installation, private training, outstanding support and advanced app development! The future in mobile POS technology is here and we can prove it...

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White Label

  • Change the logos and branding
  • Supplier Nofitications *NEW
  • Print to multiple locations
  • Track multiple store locations
  • 6 months included support
  • 5 POS Licenses Included!!!
  • Select updates & support plan:

Hosted POS Subscription

  • Single Location (hosted)
  • Mobile ordering
  • Unlimited POS Products
  • Unlimited POS Terminals
  • Print to 3 locations
  • No server hardware needed
  • In-App technical support
  • On-going assistance

Just $49/Month!

POS Software Disclaimer:
Support, updates and bug fixes are provided within your selected time period. After your license expires you can still continue use on the POS or continue your licensed subscription for continued support and upgrades. POS software license includes full source code to the platform. Initial installation is included. Custom modifications to the platform are welcome. License rates are subject to future change.

Point of Sale Support Questions

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Your product looks great, but I’m a little confused…you have it on sale here for $24 when on your site it goes for between $49-$69 per month? This deal seems too good to be true.

Hey mydigitera, The site version includes hosting and full support. The version here on envato only has limited support throught the comments…and yes, its a fantastic deal. Best you can find! :)

So there’s no restrictions on the version you’re selling here? I have to ask, because there’s another guy on here who’s got good products but forces you to buy ongoing credits in order to keep using the products.

No restrictions at all…I only ask that if you need extra services you consider me in the future :)

Hi, we have more updates available for you. This deal is great!

Nice !! Question: 1- Does this script includes (100% source code with no encrypted code)? 2- Is it SELF-Hosted? Thanks in advance

yes its the full code! :)

This is a great product! I have one pre-sale question tho… Does this solution have a rewards program built in. I have a client that wants to track purchases and give rewards points for free food, etc..

Thank you, -Keith

Hey Keith, thanks for the positive feedback. Unfortunately there is no such feature at the moment. Feel free to email me at curtis@tigerdata.vn if you would like to get some help getting that built.

Thank you for the quick reply… I will email you details.

Thanks again and keep up the good work! -Keith

Our new version at http://sales.tigerdata.vn now has a rewards program.

Very good product. What I didnt find is partial invoice printing.. Is that implemented? (split bill)

Thanks! Yes it is implemented but only visible when you need it. There are 2 ways to split your bill.

The first way you can separate your orders is in the upper right hand of the order page. You will see Guest 1,2,3,etc. This will separate the bill pre-checkout.

The second way to split a bill is after the order has been taken (post-checkout). Simply drag on any product and you will see a blue slide up from the bottom. Drop the product into the “Split bill” or you can drag the product to a specific guest that already exists.

I also made an order folder on the envato demo called “webleon_de” where i demonstrate this so go and check that out. :)

Pls you give me your skype?

PM’d u my info.

multilanguage? works with thermal printers? thanks

Hi, yes you can easily customize the language using XML. Thermal printers is what the system is built for. 100% compatibility.

looks perfect

can you make 2 short videos about how to use the system… that will be a plus for everyone… thanks

Hey papix2001, I think I actually have some videos made up already. I’ll try and get them up as soon as possible.

i created a language XML…. but still shows 2 languages

On the login screen you will see the “Vietnamese” language. You need to add the checkbox (lang) for your new language xml file. $_SESSION[‘lang’] = $lang;

ok, how can i add another language??

These are the files you need to edit or add. the file login-verify.php defaults to english else if you checkmark vietnamese it will use that .xml file.

http://sales.tigerdata.vn/54.0/language/restaurant-english.xml or http://sales.tigerdata.vn/54.0/language/restaurant-vietnamese.xml

This written only in PHP or some framework is used ?? Thank you

Hey, Yes it is PHP/MySQL back end and HTML/CSS/jQuery front end.

I wanted to give a shout out to all my supporters. Thank you, wouldn’t be able to do it without your help! On a second note, if you have any questions please feel free to message me or contact me through skype (cmenz1). There are loads of features on this POS and chances are you might not run in to them all on your first or second run so if you are wondering about specific functionality you know where to find me! :)

This looks great. Could you send me your Skype also? Would like to have a chat about the system and some custom work. :) thanks man.

Just saw the comment above :P

Hi I like this pos system… I try using your demo with my phone and when I insert the amount or a comment on the product does not display it. can you please check thanks!

Hey, that is just hidden from really small resolutions. you can edit the code very easily to allow it to be displayed. I believe if you rotate your phone landscape it will show up.

Please download the latest. It is more responsive for mobile.

hi can i use it with the cashier drawer ?

Yes, that it no problem :)

Curtis Hello! How are you? For use with the android Envato this package comes with the apk files? If you do not come, as I will use the Android tablet?

thank you!


Hey, I’m good, It can be packaged into an app and if you need help doing that just send support on tigerdata.vn a message. Thanks! :)

what update did you do? are you going to be updating it?

yes all major updates will be posted here.

great product thank you please add Expenses and RTL for language

Hey, there is both expenses and an .xml file for language too. Please contact support on tigerdata.vn if you need any help! :)

Hi. I have some questions.

1. How do I change the Currency from USD to AUS. I have changed it in Settings. But does not seem to apply on to the front end.

2 You have a chat plugin working popup every few minutes. How do I remove that?

3. Do you have some instructions to ADD/EDIT/REMOVE Categories and Products?


You can do that in “setting” table from the database. You can remove the chat plugin. Search the neworder.php and login.php for “tawk.to”.

To add products click “new product” from the ordering screen and you can upload from there. just follow the on screen instructions.

To Edit you can drag any product to the bottom-left of the page and you will see 2 buttons “Edit/Delete”. Just drag the product and drop it over the edit/delete buttons that appear.

What credit card support do you have? Stripe? Can t he APK be linked to a 3rd party card reader?

You can add any 3rd party payment system. Paypal and Authorize.net have been used in the past. Stripe would not be a problem :)

What I mean is integrate the APK to call a card reader that does the transaction like payleven or paypal anywhere or square for example. You say this can be packed into an APK do you mean just a webview app or an actual app?

It’s webview. You can integrate card readers with any third party provider and supports an API.

Hi, I have some pre sales query.

Can i deploy it to my private server instead of cloud? Can i customize your code if require?

Regard’s Maksud

yes you can, it’s super easy to do and comes with instructions on how to do so.

I am in Spain, about to purchase this product… I need to know which credit card processor do you use?

You can use any third party you wish :)

Hi, I like this scrip before i buy one quick question.

why should i buy your script? when compare to this script https://codecanyon.net/item/stock-manager-advance-with-point-of-sale-module/5403161

I mean Any major advantages in your script compare to another one as mentioned above? so that i will take next step to buy.

Thanks Mark

Hey Mark, I did a quick review on the link and to be honest it looks like a pretty decent system. The biggest difference between our systems I think is the a table/floor plan layout, google search API for adding new products to inventory, multiple customers on single order (split bill), and the ability to quickly manage multiple orders simultaneously. I’m also not sure if the other system allows for multiple businesses to be setup on a single POS platform but we cover that too.

We also got pretty fast support :)

Hi, I bought the system, can you help me about it a little? I couldn’t find how to edit products. Thanks..

No problem. It’s real easy. Just drag the product to the bottom left on the order page. You will see 2 buttons appear (Edit Product/Delete Product). Drag the product into “Edit Product” and the details will appear.

Hi Kwontemtek.. I really love your product I have been looking for something like this…but am having a little trouble understanding how it fully works. Maybe it would be good if you could do some demo video explaining well how the entire system works and post it on your site for better understanding

I have 24h support right now. Other Envato buyers have also said the same thing as you. Based on demand you can expect me featuring my voice and a screencast demonstrating the full capabilities. In the mean time we can provide support via teamviewer or skype (my addy is: cmenz1).

Hi please check out our latest version. We have come a long way since we last chatted.

if you have ugly voice thats is a problem hehehe, just kidding…. but really a screen cast videos with close caption should be enough and fantastic, thanks

Its a excellent product with mobile and wifi support plus touch screen. amazing


Do I get the full source code?

Yes, you do. :)

Guys, it is REALLY important that all fnctions are in a single place and just once. For example to show prices with two decimals I have to modify the number_format function in A LOT of places and there are still many I still have to change. Good software but really HARD to customize. Also in the store settings there is an option to set up credit card tax but that does not do any difference as it is hard coded to 3% in the orders

Sorry about that, I will make sure to have that in the next update!

awesome kwontemtek, it will help a LOT for sure!

Also I am having troubles exporting data. Only the first date (2016-08-01) exported some orders to the CSV file, for 02 to 05 all files are empty. I am not sure why this is happening, I exported the orders to CSV from phpmyadmin and I can figure out why this happens as all data seems to be correct. Any idea?

It could be if the order is not closed it will not show up in the financial history as it’s still pending. Which page are you exporting from?

I go to Tools > Dashboard > Export Data. In there I have the Receipt File History but all the files are empty except the Orders-2016-08-01.csv which has a few orders, not all of them.

They Tusell, please use the export data feature from Tools > Dashboard > Financial History (link is at the bottom of that page)

If I use the “Search” button I get some information, it seems complete. But when I use the “Download Spreadsheet” I get a 404 file not found because the file POS/live/csv.php doesnt exist

Please email me (as well as anyone else who has this issue) at curtis@tigerdata.vn and I will send you the file.


I didn’t see your email. It’s saying its no-not-reply@envato, try emailing me directly (i think i got a forwarded email).

done as well

Update has been uploaded to Envato. If you can’t wait please email me and I will email you the source.

Please see our latest version. Settings page now takes care of lots of the configurations in one place.

Hi kwontemtek this is so good idea. how do view orders in kitchen ?

Kitchen can use a tablet or get a print ticket for the orders.

We now have KOT display for kitchen and bar. You can see in the demo. Full source code is included.

Hello, One pre-Sale question. Does this System including an Synchronisation between offline / online Mode? Not always i have an Internet Connection – so i have to Sync it later. Thanks.

Hey, thank you for your interest. You can run the system in either online or offline mode. It will not sync though. If you are using an offline setup I recommend using WAMP or XAMPP. You can always Teamviewer into your POS for those offline setups (when a connection is available).

is this pos exist VAT/TAX option ?

You will have to integrate VAT. Tax is in there already.

Please see the latest version. We made updates to VAT tax in the settings page.

Hi how can I add cents to the product?? for example $69.95 it only allows me a whole number

also I need the file that is missing

Please email your email address to curtis@tigerdata.vn

Please download the latest source code. This is now available in the settings/options page.

Do I get the full source code?

Yes, of course you do! :)

offline / online Mode? Not always i have an Internet Connection – so i have to Sync it later. Thanks.

Hey, you can sync your sales using Google Drive and use offline installations using WAMP or XAMPP (or similar)

Looks nice!! When will you add OPTIONS for the FOOD Items and WHAT is INCLUDED with the FOOD Items…. If one is buying Pizza, it must have what it INCLUDES, what it will be added,(double cheese, add pepperoni) what it WILL NOT be added(less onion, no onion)

Also it will be good if customer Seats at the TABLE, SCAN QrCode of the TABLE it Notifies, Waiter and can customer can START ordering himself… This is GOOD to Say later, MORE WATER, MORE COFFEE, Want to CheckOUT, etc..

Yes, the system does all of this. You can add options to each product by editing it.

By the way, to edit a product just drag it. You will see options pop up in the bottom right.

whaT kind of printer do we buy? Is a printer with ethernet ok? whick plugings do we install to the Mozilla fireforx browser? in the setting, how do we adjust the printer in the setting?

You can purchase any normal thermal printer. Ethernet is just fine. Please run through chrome though as Chrome supports Kiosk and Silent printing. This means your POS won’t have a print dialog every time you need to print a receipt. If you need help setting that up please feel free to message me.

Nice script.

But we have 1 very serious issue before we can start using this at all.

All the prices are rounded of automatically and only whole numbers are allowed in billing etc. Can you please suggest how we can turn this off? We cannot use the script without that.

Also, we have more than 7 options for some products but the edit product only allows upto 7. How can we fix that?

Also, how can we skip the preloader screen and directly go to the home screen after login.

Thank you.

You can bypass the preloader on login-verify.php headers. Currently it only supports up to 7 products but you can add more in the code.

Another thing, the footer “Reactivate#” and “Find Receipt” doesn’t work. We cannot click on it or type anything.

Also, where can we change details for what is printed on the receipt etc. Like name of the place on top of the customer receipt?

Also how to modify the layout for printouts?

Do you have a user guide for this?

Hey, new patch is being uploaded and waiting to be confirmed by Envato. Update will appear in your inbox soon. You can modify the printouts with touch-receipt.php Support is available for any support you need.

Update has been uploaded to Envato. If you can’t wait please email me and I will email you the source.

please help me hi I’m going price 10 ok 1.50 but the price can not enter???

2-“Reactivate#” and “Find Receipt” doesn’t work.

Hey, new patch is being uploaded and waiting to be confirmed by Envato. Update will appear in your inbox soon.

Thanks loading…:):)

You can use this page to find receipts, customers, staff, products, etc http://sales.tigerdata.vn/54.0/closedtabletotals.php

Us which files will be updated???

There will be a few files. Still going through some but I will let you know.

Thanks; We made ​​some changes in files

Hey, Updates are confirmed for this weekend. Sorry to keep you waiting.

When file update?

It’s still in progress. You will be notified via email as soon as it goes live.

dear sir pre sale question i am not able to name the table more than one caracter and how can we change the capacity of the table

Sorry, can u explain with more detail?

do u hve skype ?

You can drag around the table layout. Go to Store Tools > Table Layout

Is there progress? We are not active Another thing, the footer “Reactivate#” and “Find Receipt” doesn’t work. We cannot click on it or type anything. All the prices are rounded of automatically and only whole numbers are allowed in billing etc. Can you please suggest how we can turn this off? We cannot use the script without that.

Hey, Updates are confirmed for this weekend. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Expect Please….

Update has been uploaded to Envato. If you can’t wait please email me and I will email you the source.

sevimoglu35@gmail.com Can you email us the updated files please. Please let us know in which files you have made changes. Because we have made changes to some files when translating to Turkish.

If you cannot do this please email us the files so we can try and do the installation.????

Please let us know in which files you have made change

All files with the date modified on 8/26/2016 are updated files.

Does this require the POSture service? Or, can it be run completely from my web server? Will it run on Windows Server and IIS?

It can be run from any web server. You can run it on windows using IIS or WAMP or XAMPP.

pre sale question is there a chance to connect to the kitchen manager so they can see the order and give respon like progress status , ready or cooking something like that. or maybe we as the administrator can print the order for the kitchen manager to distribute to the chef. thank u in advance

Yes, we have 3 statuses (red, blue, green) that indicates that

a pre sale question can we check the admin panel before buying the code ?

You should be able to see the admin stuff when you login with “admin/admin”.

hi, Please describe user privileges? server—-what is this? administrator costumer cashier

Which waiter??

this will give restricted access to some users and full access to the admin. If you are a customer you can only order (cant see the homescreen). if you are a cashier you can add orders and take payments. If you are a waiter you can take orders but you cant delete orders. If you are an admin you have full access to the entire system with no restrictions.

you will notice in the code $_SESSION[‘level’]; this is what controls the user level 0=admin 1=cashier 2=waiter 3=customer

Waiters should not get paid

You can change that in the code. All businesses will be different for this so you need to set the security level to “1” so only the cashier can close/pay.

arrangements which php file?permisson

The waitress was doing the closing order:((:please change

You will have to make the code adjustments yourself. If you need us to do custom development for that we are happy to help. If not you can do the change yourself and just look for $_SESSION[‘level’]==’2’ and change it on touch-orders-tools.php

Hello, how are you? It has inventory control? Sales control? hugs

Yes, you can edit the inventory in 2 places. Either by editing the product (see when you drag it will tell you how many remain in inventory) as well as in bulk on the Tools > Inventory page. There are also thresholds you can use to be notified by color on items you need to restock on soon (yellow) or anything that is out of inventory (red) will be displayed.

you have the model of this site also to sell http://www.tigerdata.vn

Our licenses on tigerdata.vn provide hosting, support and technical developments for our clients including white label options provided as a SaaS service.

What does the update include?

There are a number of new updates included in this release as requested from all of you. 1. This includes the ability to use decimals. 2. you now get an API key that will keep your POS secure even if it was stolen. 3. You can save customer information to orders. 4. you can email receipts to the customer. 5. uploading should be a little easier now. 6. minor UI / bug fixes

Check back soon for more updates and let me know of any new features you might like to see in the future. Thanks for your support!

please see the latest version 2.9 released. we have new updates

What does the update include?

There are a number of new updates included in this release as requested from all of you. 1. This includes the ability to use decimals. 2. you now get an API key that will keep your POS secure even if it was stolen. 3. You can save customer information to orders. 4. you can email receipts to the customer. 5. uploading should be a little easier now. 6. minor UI / bug fixes

Check back soon for more updates and let me know of any new features you might like to see in the future. Thanks for your support!

How do I ‘ll take the key

It should automatically generate. It will be in the key.php file.

by weight of fish needed for fast product sales to update prices

Thanks, I will make a note of that. I had another customer asking about the same thing.

It would be great to use when updating

just need to be updated and fish kilograms rapid price menu

My purchase code is 3ad06847-c4e4-4e3c-9ba0-8f25f1b73906. I have successfully log in. But error prompted as below;

Not Acceptable!

An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

Please support.

Can you send a screenshot to curtis@tigerdata.vn It sounds like this is a server problem with your setup.

Pre sales question: will this system be white lable??

Hey admin… Ur product is greate and have good potential to sell but u need to fix some major issues like Tax,Vat, service charge etc.

Along with ,some product have different value of tax: Like. liquor have different value of tax. And food have different value of tax.

So it should be manageable to… Because it’s most important part in any POS.

All the very best.

Thanks, the next release will be including global variables to handle things like tax, vat, credit card charges, surplus, etc.

please see the latest version 2.9 released.global variables for things like VAT and tax are added in the settings page. Its easy to update.

Sent to you by your profile

can u do combo product with this pos? and put discount on them?

Hey, yes you can by adding options to the product.

Hi, it is looking good, i have some questions regarding this pos:

-Can we make it to work offline? -Can we swap toppings for the Pizzas -Can we do Half & Half for the Pizzas? -Does it supports multiple printers? Can we set kitchen printer and receipt printers. -Does it supports VFD Customer display, or LCD customer display?

Can you do extra modifications, for me? I need Usb Caller Id unit to connected when customer calls it will grab callers phone number from landline. and Address by PostCode+Mapping.

If you can ansver these questions, i am realy interested to buy this great product!


Yes it can run offline using a local server. You can swap toppings using product options. It does support multiple printers for cahsier and kitchen. You can use tablet displays as well. We can do modifications. Please add me to skype: cmenz1 and we can talk more. We have some SMS and call functionality we can add to the system. Thanks for your interest and support!

Please see our latest update. We have some new features that you requested now added.

hi, how i can get the license key ?

it should automatically be generated for you after first login.

Sorry, but when i try to login then i get the error message “OH NO!!! Login Failed …”

Seems like that database is not setup properly. Can you send me the URL? You can chat directly to me on tigerdata.vn

hello !! its me tazz. How to get the key.php file

it should automatically be generated for you after first login.


I need to know the followings please;

1. Do you provide us the source code ? 2. Can we edit the files / system as we need ? 3. When it comes for the changes, is there an restrictions ? 4. Can we install this on linux server ? 5. How soon the next update will be ? 6. What are the new features coming in the next update ? Hope to see your early response please.

Best Regards,

1. yes you are able to use the source code. 2. you can edit the system/files as needed. 3. only restriction is 1 client = 1 license 4. yes LAMP is fine. 5. next update will be before the end of november. 6. next update will have SMS features, keypad login, employee shift logs just to list a few

Is there any hard coding areas where we can not edit / customize ?

Everything is all editable/customization. Full source code is included in our latest version.


i’d like some help about cashdraw and printer to know how to settings correctly please with what browser or add to make it work well.

best regards, Philippe

hey, you need to set that in your windows printer settings. (open print drawer after printing) then it will open every time you print.

About license, after purchasing can i use it in multiple projects?

You will need to purchase a new license key for each installation

Same as here on Envato. You just need to purchase a new key for each client you install to.

I just purchased your POS, also it is already installed by myself, But I need the white label version.. I don’t want your Chat or URL or email address all places.. please let me know how I can remove it or how to get white label..

my url: http://www.msbycona.com/store

Thank you


White label opportunities are available through www.Tigerdata.vn. You alternatively can purchase 1 license off envato for each customer you sell to. The chat can be removed from the login.php file and neworder.php file (search for tawk.to script near the bottom of each file)

just need to be updated and fish kilograms rapid price menu

We’re still waiting:(

Out version at http://sales.tigerdata.vn has weight supported.

Good evening, has any update version been uploaded to CodeCanyon already? how do I get any update?

Should have a new update released this month

will it include a single functions/variables file where anything that gets modify affects the whole system? for example showing two digits instead of round numbers.

yes. you might be on an older version. did you upgrade since?

please see the latest version 2.9 released which is our latest update


I purchased and installed on my server. I can see the tables on layout page but cannot see the tables on homescreen. Is that normal? Do I miss something? My site Url is

Please take a look and thanks. Vincent

Hey Vincent, what kind of server are you running on?

vultr.com virtual host. OS is debian 8 + apache2 +mysql

Can you confirm your /live/ directory has 777 read write permissions?

Fixed. I change permissions to 777 and it works. Thanks a lot for your support.


No problem. Let us know if you have any other questions and please give us a good rating when you have the chance. Thanks! :)

I rated 5 starts and good job.

just need to be updated and fish kilograms rapid price menu

We’re still waiting:(

Hey can you explain more? This sounds like custom development which is not covered through Envato but we would be happy to work together with you to get that integrated. Feel free to get in contact and thanks for your continued support!

Our version at http://sales.tigerdata.vn supports weight.

Hello, does this system support multi-owner?

Yes it’s 1 license per location for multiple businesses on the Network

Can the software be white label and support multiple different type of business installation unlimited times?

Yes, white label solutions are available on tigerdata.vn

I downloaded the new version a couple of weeks ago and uploaded it over my old version, all work correctly with only one issue that is a really slow loading. Each page that connects to the database takes about 3 to 5 seconds to load. At first I thought it was a database/server issue but then I uploaded my old version into a different folder, same server, same database (I am working with both versions since) and old version loads fine, no issues. Over the chat support you asked me to give you ftp access to my server to check the files and agreed that there was a loading issue that one of your developers was going to check (that was 11 days ago) and have not heard back. I now contacted again with the chat support and tells me that since there is no other customer with the problem is a server configuration problem. I really dont understand how is it possible that two versions, installed on the same server, using the same database, can one take 3-5 seconds to load and the other loads just perfect…

If anyone else is experiencing the same issue please let us know here in the forum.

please see the latest version 2.9 released.

Hi wanted to ask about how to get license key i purchased the pos

The key should automatically activate after you install it to your server.

Ok i think i made a mistake i was testing it on my personal computer not the real server yet what can i do to fix this? Also i notice if i access using a tablet it says the license is already used.

You can just reinstall and it should be ok. When accessing it from a tablet take note if you installed it with or without the www. It will make a difference for security reasons.


With regards to the with www or without i am access it on a tablet using IP address.

sample as localserver address

and it is giving me an error or can’t login due to license.

also, how can i do the android app for this. thank you!

Hello I want to buy, but I need more information. You have a system to see what changes users make to their purchases. For example: Add products to the table and remove. I need to have this information. Thank you

yes this is all logged in the backend. :) you can see when exporting reports

This system,i cant find out sales, accounts, and expensive. Where is mentioned this details?

You can find that in your dashboard > Financial History (Select the date range you want to find)

ok Thnk u, I have some issues, i just mailing u

before i buy which wireless Bluetooth hardware is best for your software?

Any printer that connects to google chrome cloud print will work (so pretty much any printer) if that is the hardware you are referring.

hi,whether it can be converted into rupiah (IDR)

Yes absolutely (any currency)

what i i want to buy the source code ?

yes, the source code is included.

hello Please help me . I sent you a message


rogero Purchased

Is very slow loading

Can you give some more info?


rogero Purchased

Local and remote is very slow. So scripting problem

Hi Roger, sorry if your system is running slow. Our team is always available to diagnose your issue but before you give us a bad review and now rating we would appreciate the opportunity to work together. We appreciate your good rating. *public transcript X39HJ1


rogero Purchased

Have a look at the screenshots i send you , you will see the diffences with the amount of requests the script makes, So local and remote server are slow, 2 different setups and you still believe it is not the script. Please update the script to can give you a good review

Hi Roger. Our team is currently looking into the issue. *public transcript X39HJ1


rogero Purchased

Hi Curtis, thank you for the professional support. Solved with a very fast solution ;-)

I installed but the left menu does not appear. And as if it did not load xml

Hey, can you please provide me a URL (private message)

please see the latest version 2.9 released. we have fixed a lot of bugs.

Hi, Can you help me with the translation file for Spanish lenguage? and I also need the instructios Manual for how to use the system, how to change the background login image, how to change, include and delet products and tables, how to change the produts image, size of images, etc… Thank you ;)

hey can you please email curtis@tigerdata.vn? i will send the language translation.

Hi, Can you help me with the translation file for Spanish lenguage? and I also need the instructios Manual for how to use the system, how to change the background login image, how to change, include and delet products and tables, how to change the produts image, size of images, etc… Thank you ;)

hey can you please email curtis@tigerdata.vn? i will send the language translation.

Ok, thank you. I already send the email.

Hello, how we can setup Printers work correctly, I mean to print kitchen ticket in silence mode with Printer 1 for kitchen and to print receipts after customer payment also in silence mode but with Printer 2? I was trying to config chrome to work in kiosk mode with silence printing but it works only for default printer in windows configuration.

Hello, we have few issues

1. Its Keeps saying purchase license key. Which we already bought. It works ok with one device but on other it’s asking key. Its uploaded on server.

2. When we are trying to use google image function. The picture doesn’t set and giving crapped image.

3. JS Print setup

The key should only work on 1 server unless you have purchase an “extended license” from envato or tigerdata.vn

to use the google image function you will need to use your own api key obtainable though google console.

js print setup plugin is done through firefox and you can find full documentation here for automated printing: https://addons.mozilla.org/En-us/firefox/addon/js-print-setup/

It’s installed only on one server, but I think it should be accessible from different devices to check statistics balance sheets and so on. I am saying that on one pc it’s ok and other asking a key. Maybe you are checking MAC address ? I sorted with Google API JS Print still will have to find out. Maybe someone can help me with that.

Can you please email curtis@tigerdata.vn with your POS url?

If you are buying this script they forgot to mention on their cover page that this price is for the basic software not the one shown on the sales page.

its been now switched back. we hope to bring those updates soon

what do you mean? where to add the google key for image search

Google custom search engine (cse): https://cse.google.com/cse/all this is where you create your custom search engine based on what you need.

file to edit: uploader.php .

Ok the engine was created but looking at uploader.php i get for one a different url not from goolge apis.com , has it changed since you coded your software

the following is the code i get to add to website

<script> (function() { var cx = ‘006006103247062740000:plw0vqqnn4e’; var gcse = document.createElement(‘script’); gcse.type = ‘text/javascript’; gcse.async = true; gcse.src = ‘https://cse.google.com/cse.js?cx=' + cx; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(gcse, s); })(); </script> <gcse:searchbox-only></gcse:searchbox-only>

That is not the POS code. We don’t provide support for customizations. If you want to use Google CSE you need to be using uploader.php using PHP curl method supported in the file. You will need to input 3 variables: key, cx and cse

Hi! please , your POS system can be connected with Weighing Scale in a retail store for example? and also Cash Registers ? for example like the “POXBOX” of odoo ( https://www.odoo.com/page/point-of-sale-hardware#part_3) ?

Our software is not setup for weigh scales but it wouldn’t be that difficult to setup. Just need 1 extra field for weight so it would take “weight x price”.

How do i set up the serach engine, the link you provided gives a different url and code, please provide full documentation thank you

You need to register an api key. Setup your CSE and add it to the uploader.php file. You can read the full google api documentation provided.

i got that the question is i get a different code than the one you have on the file will it still work. Also im unable to create categories, do you offer full documentation on your software?

what do you mean code?

ok so the image search function does not work out of the box, how about categories how do you add or delete them?

You need to register an API key with google and setup your CSE (custom search engine). Categories are dynamically generated based on the products categories. If there is no product for that category the category simply does not appear.

If anyone is having a reload issue on the homepage you can remove the line 47 on neworder.php :

Line 47: window.location.reload(1);

Hi, this is a standalone multi restaurant POS. We do not have third party integrations with kerenderia. All our features are built right in.

We are using this software perfectly in one domain, then we want to change the domain and upload the software in another domain, unfortunately now the software not working in both domain and local server. I need only one perfect software in one domain. We are expecting quick response from your side.

When you register and install the POS it generates a license key that matches your domain. You need 1 license per domain to have it on multiple servers.

Hi, Do you provide Printer Tools with this application, also is there any option to upload product using csv or excel format.

you can import using phpmyadmin using csv. there is a printer tool for firefox included. our pro version has a more advanced solution.

Hello, i purchased, downloaded and installed on my host, but the app on your webpage is slightly different, I cant find Chef and Order ready screens on the code i installed, and background is blue in your webpage. I believe i have not received full code on Envato, is something different?.

Yes, you’re right. The “Live Demo” link on Envato page brings you to the code you purchased. Our website is a more recent version of the product.

please see the latest version 2.9 released now.

Hi TigetData, I’m trying to access the demo from here but it didn’t display any sites for these two URLs sales.tigerdata.vn and even your homepage tigerdata.vn… Please check… thanks

sorry, we were upgrading out servers. you can try again.


the scripts seem to go into loop. Too many redirects. Tried xampp and online host.

Hey. Sorry about the bug. You can go to neworder.php and delete the javascript code for “reload” and that should fix it.


Still the same :( This is what my console looks like: https://snag.gy/xiWI8z.jpg

can you message me with your skype id? I will try and resolve this today. you can add me as well: cmenz1

Thanks for the quick reply :D

Added you on skype


I have sent request on skype. Please do check and accept.

Thank you


I have had no response as yet from your side. It’s been 8 days! You guys mentioned “fast support” right? I even sent you a message via codecanyon

hey, im really sorry im not seeing your support question. can you try messaging me again?

please see the latest version 2.9 released. this issue has been fixed

Can I install on my own local server without access to internet.

I have 3 restaurant’s with different name. Can I install in different local server for each restauranta.

Can I use any devices coneted to our local server.?

Yes you can with the extended license on Envato which is $99 or our latest version on www.tigerdata.vn

Ih i pay 99. Can i install in diferente domains. I can change source code and data and sell to my customers with any limitation.it’s confused what u sell exactly. Do you sell all your project’s Source code or not? . by example. Now you are talking about. 99 dollars. Explain with details plz. I see many customer confused about that. Thanks.

Yes you get the source code. You need 1 licence per customer. If you are looking for white label license to sell to as many customers you can visit our site. Envato licenses only authorizes you to sell to 1 customer per license.

Regular License $34 Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.

Extended License $99 Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.


bonbo Purchased

Hello, i want to install the script on different domain, i already install the script on my testing server and want to move to production one

Could you please reset my license?

Hi, can you please email me at curtis@tigerdata.vn with your domain name?

Hi TigerData Just a quick pre-purchase question. In your promo animation video on youtube, as orders were being being made, it was appearing on a screen. Can you shed more light on this?

yes, basically the homescreen of the app will indicate to all staff in the restaurant what is happening in the restaurant from the floor to the kitchen to the cashier.

does this script have Digital Display tab?

No this is not included but we have a version at tigerdata.vn that includes the digital displays.

please see the latest version 2.9 released. digital display is now included

hi,neworder.php Constantly refreshing and does not look at the tables

hey, on the neworder.php you need to delete the code “reload()” and that should fix it

Ok Thanks ….....Acceptance is not covered by credit card, cash is closing

Although we did not interfere with anything we are able to close the account with cash but we are not able to close it with credit card. When we press the button the account does not close, the upper menu is visible, a blank page appears at the lower part. Can you help us to find out what is the problem please.

sure, email curtis@tigerdata.vn and explain the issue along with server login info.

Mail sent

please see the latest version 2.9 released. this reload bug is fixed.


is this script for life time ? independent ? full license ? once i purchase it, it can be in use for any domain ? css can be modified ? thank you

You need to pay 1 license for domain. Yes the css can be modified. Yes it can be used for lifetime.

http://mydomain.com/POS/live/neworder.php is loading. after finishing load it start again.. loading ….. why i face this issue???

on neworder.php file do a search for “reload();” and delete that.

please see the latest version 2.9 released. the reload is fixed along with many other new features

Hello, this plugin works in woocommerce…to print the order in POS restaurent?

This works independently of woocommerce but yes it can print the order in the restaurant. You might be interested in my new POS version 3.2 for more advanced printing features: http://tigerdata.vn/pos/version/3.2/

what’s the login?

actually in the restaurant they already have this :https://www.lightspeedhq.com/pos/restaurant/

i think something similar to what you have here.

So now we are doing the ecommerce…they want the order to be printed also in store…not receiving emails.

So please can you explain how that will work??

thank you

please see http://sales.tigerdata.vn for our latest. We support printing to multiple locations such as kitchen/bar/cashier location or ticket stubs for customers.

i have bout your script and uploaded to may online server and in local server but it only show admin login and when i login i only find an empty black screen only…..can you help plz

Hi you need to remove the “location.reload()’ code in neworder.php

your system does not work offline…it need internet connection i need to install locally and it does not load the content

i have sent you an email for more clarification

you can use XAMPP to install it locally.

please see the latest version 2.9 released. you can run this offline. the black screen bug has been fixed.


We followed everything but when i try to login, it says ” oh no, login failed” and i changed the email to mine and when i click reset. it wants to send email to you..

It sounds like your database is not installed. You need to import the .sql file using phpmyadmin and set the config.php to your database username/password.

Yes. We did both.

Db is in phpmyadmin and config.php has db info

please email your hosting info to curtis@tigerdata.vn and I will take a closer look.

Hi, does this software work with my sandwich shop? I don’t have tables, only sandwiches and drinks to sell.

Hi, yes it will but I have another POS that might be more suitable for what you need. It’s for quick checkout lines (think subway or quiznos). You can email me: curtis@tigerdata.vn and I can give you a demo on that.

is their any Queue System (Token System) on the invoice ?

there is a KOT display (kitchen order display)

please see the latest version 2.9 released.

login info please to check out new features

You can register for free (blue button at the bottom)

Hello SIr, Its possible to talk to you at skype for your POS ?

Sure, add my account: cmenz1

Hi Curtis, Please reply my email

Just sent a reply. Sorry for the delay. It’s a long weekend here. Will catch up with you on Tuesday! :)

Hi Curtis, Your POS can’t export excel. I’m using PC browser. http://prntscr.com/ha7jwa

Demo login info?

you can register for a free demo

Unregistered POS Licence Key: 96da4d2a910857e4e300e5d89d8403ea

Hey, can you message me your Teamviewer id? I will take a look tonight.

Sorry, I do not understand what it sells.

It is a script with monthly subscription system or it is a platform for a single restaurant.

i can sell this software as saas to my clients under a monthly subscription?

What is the difference between version 2 and 3? you do not sell version 3? why

We decided to rebuild a new more advanced version early 2017 which is known as version 3 that would be easier for developers do work on.

We do have a monthly hosted version on our site as well as a one-time payment for the source code (single or multiple restaurant locations). We currently do sell version 3 on our site but currently not on Envato.

A basic/limited featured version 3 is scheduled for release on Envato sometime in December/January 2018 which is undergoing thorough testing and will be released as a separate product (not an update to version 2).

I hope that clarifies. Let me know if you have any other questions.

i can sell this software as saas to my clients under a monthly subscription?

You can sell the version 2 (Envato Extended license) to charge monthly to your clients or with version 3 you will need the “multi-location”

Feel free to message me in the POS chat for a quicker response.

this is for Multiple Stores or Multiple vendors shop or only for restaurants ?

Yes you can use for multiple vendors if you purchase the “Extended License”

thanks, with a super Admin or what ? what about any other industry not only for restaurants,

Yes, there is a super admin account that can see all vendor locations. There are multiple user types on the system each with restricted access for each account on what they can see.

Forgot to mention as well, yes, this POS will work with basically any type of business and not just specifically restaurants.

i can not see in demo kindly help me to find that setting and users accounts before i purchase thanks

The super admin is disabled in this demo but you can create manager/cashier/customer accounts in the “User Accounts” from the settings dropdown.

what are the differences between Version2.0 and 3.0. Can you explain in detail. Thanks

And can i use multi orders printing to multi locations in Version 3.0 ???

The platform was rebuilt when version 2 was released to Envato while we actively work on version 3 focusing on more stable code, new features, security, and faster functionality.

They both do more or less the same thing but version 3 has way more polished features like advanced stock control, supplier notifications, secure user control, and a brand new framework built from scratch.

Feel try to give it a try or let us know if you have any other questions! :)

And can i use multi orders printing to multi locations in Version 3.0 ??? Thanks

Yes, actually we rebuilt the entire print module on version 3 this year. You can now print to any number of destinations (kitchens, bars, cashier stations, etc) with as many printers as you like whereas version 2 was limited to just 2 locations.

Even better as a bonus, you can specify where any individual product needs to be sent which is extremely useful for example if you have multiple kitchens, salad bars, cocktail bars, beer bars, upstairs/downstairs, etc. This printing process is all completely automated so the waiter/waitress never needs to worry about a thing.

All this results in the customer being more satisfied as their food & drinks are processed at lightning speed (and if your bar staff are quick enough, the drinks can even arrive before they finish ordering their food like magic!!!).

i have 3 kitchen and 3 thermal printers … so i can use only two kitchen printers in Version2

Yes correct. That’s a pretty big limitation to that release. How about your cashier station? Is that shared with one of those printers as well?

I should also mention that in version 2 you can not print receipts using a tablet…only an order ticket. New version you can wirelessly print receipts and tickets as well as send digital receipts for customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint so there have been major advancements on the print module.

Ok, final questions

1. Is include mobile app in version2.0 ? 2. Can i print to my kitchen printer from mobile in version2.0 ? 3. If i can, can also print without internet … but it will be in localnetwork ????


1. The app (.apk) needs to be compiled by you after you have installed to a server. 2. You can print to your kitchen but only tickets along with the prior mentioned disadvantages and 3. You can print without internet

Also with the .apk file, you don’t need a web hosting. You can use you local server and your wifi modem by registering a domain with ddns.net and having the Android .apk app point to that

ok .. thank you


buteknian Purchased

Please help me to setting POS Printer

hi, I follow every thing but “setup/install.php” not working then i manually import “store.sql” now when i go to “2.7.1/login.php?logout=true” and try to login in using admin as user and password that not working it shows “localhost/food/2.7.1/login-verify.php” this url and a blank page

Please download the latest version 2.9 which fixes this issue.

there is only 2.7.1 version 2.9 is not there yet… can you please chack

Send me a private message with your email and I will send you the latest version 2 source.

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